Hello! I’m a self-taught artist specializing in ink and watercolour illustrations of landmarks, cityscapes and storefronts. I find inspiration in how we connect with and form our identity from the seemingly regular, everyday places around us — the closest subway stations to our homes, our local cafes, fruit markets and book stores. You can learn how to commission your own illustration here, or you can take a look at my personal work that’s for sale here.

I was also illustrator behind the Instagram account @TorontoBingo. I love drawing cartoons, eating bagels, watching Twin Peaks and petting dogs. Take a look at my Instagram to see more illustrations, cartoons, and other work.

I'm currently accepting commissions for residential, storefront & couple portraits. Feel free to contact me anytime at natalieczer@gmail.com, or fill out the form below for any inquiries. 

Note - all commissioned illustrations have been posted with permission.

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Photo courtesy of   Rachel Dudley Photography  .

Photo courtesy of Rachel Dudley Photography.