Okay so… I’ll be real with you for a sec. When you decide to run your own business and take on every aspect of running a business (accounting! social media marketing! online store managing!), then you a.) feel like a ~bad ass boss~, but also b.) end up having to do things you’re… either not very good at, or don’t super enjoy.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 7.30.49 PM.png

Case in point: PRODUCT PHOTOS. I find that taking pictures of prints, stickers, and notebooks is not my forte. I scroll through so many other artists’ websites and just think, “how?! how’d you make it look so perfect and bright and good?” Also — because you are, again, wearin’ every hat that comes along with running a business, you tend to be pressed for time, and the number of times I’ve spent an entire afternoon taking product photos only to find one detail of and having to re-do all of them — well, let’s just not talk about that.

ANYWHO, this is just to say that, uh, sometime’s we’re not that good at things and as a result we heck up and have to do them over and over and over again. Womp, womp!