Here's what people are saying about working with me and the illustrations I create for them. If you've commissioned me for a piece and want to let me know how I did, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. I'd appreciate it so much.

I’m SO happy that I trusted Natalie to create such a wonderful illustration for me! I chose to get a photo of my friends illustrated for their wedding and I couldn’t be more happy that I did so. Not only am I so happy with the results, but Natalie was incredible to work with along the way. As promised, she kept me very updated with her process throughout to ensure that it was to my liking. It was perfect!
— Jenn
Natalie is a gem. Not only is she super-talented, but she’s a delight to work with. I commissioned her to illustrate our tiny Toronto house, and the entire process — from initial contact to finished illustration — was smooth, collaborative, and fun!
— Dan
Natalie is friendly, professional, and very fun to work with! You can tell throughout the whole process that she really wants you to be in love with the final piece. We now have a beautiful piece of art that will immortalize our home long after its upcoming demolition date!
— Lisa
Natalie is so nice and easy to work with! I commissioned her to draw a portrait of my parents’ house, which my dad built with his bare hands (and maybe some machinery). She was quick to respond to questions and requests, and was super positive and communicative throughout the whole process. Natalie went above and beyond to ensure every important detail of my dad’s amazing work was captured — both of my parents were very touched.
— Rayanne
Every Christmas there is an epic struggle of what to gift my mom. When I saw Natalie’s work I knew I had found the answer! Not only is my mom an architect, but we have lived in two homes in our lives that are so close to our hearts. One of those homes my mom designed and we recently moved from.

Natalie’s work stands out above others significantly. She was such a pleasure to work with from the beginning! So awesome and efficient. When Natalie sent me a photo of the finished product, I was floored. The illustrations are gorgeous! This was the first Christmas in years that my mom was genuinely excited about her gift. They were framed together and are now hanging proudly in their dining room.
— Casey
The process was super easy and the end result was super cute. My brother and sister in law LOVED the portrait of their house. It made for a great gift. Top it all off, Natalie is very fun and friendly!
— Chris
Natalie did an absolutely beautiful job illustrating mine and my husbands first home. Every part of dealing with Natalie was super fast and easy. She replied to all my emails in a very fast and courteous way. Her work is so lovely, I’m trying to think of other commissions I could send her now! I have a feeling this isn’t the last illustration she will do for me. It’s such a unique and special gift. I love that as we move on in life and maybe even find ourselves in a new home we will always have something special to remember it by.
— Mandie
Natalie created an illustration of the first home I lived in with my husband and it will be something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I look at the picture of our laneway home hanging on my wall and smile, thinking of all the happy memories I had there. Natalie captured that joy in her illustration.
— Erica
Thank you Natalie for this beautiful painting of my family home. It will remind my children and I of our beautiful home and all the memories that have been shared there for years to come. I feel so blessed and honoured with your brilliant creativity! I cannot wait to display the portrait in our new home.
— Beverley
When my mother was forced to sell her childhood home, I commissioned Natalie to create something that she could remember it by.

From the very beginning it was easy to see that Natalie genuinely cared about every detail of her work – and it showed. She was a joy to work with, and gave our family a beautiful rendition of a place very dear to our hearts. I’m so grateful for her detailed eye and commitment to this illustration – our family will treasure it for years to come.
— Sara
Receiving this illustration after I had to sell my childhood home was such a nice surprise. [Natalie] got all the details right.
— Beverly
Natalie is absolutely amazing! So accommodating and pleasant to work with, and the end result was exactly what we were looking for — a stunning keepsake that our family will treasure forever. She was very open to feedback, and worked very thoughtfully to ensure every detail was perfect, all the while completing the commission very quickly! Cannot speak highly enough of her and her work.
— Chloe
Thanks Natalie again! Her communication was stellar and not to mention the beautiful watercolour that she so professionally delivered. I implore anywho is looking to get an illustration done to just do it. It is well worth the time/money and her art will exceed your expectations.
— Jacques
Natalie is such a kind, sweet person and her art is absolutely stunning. I bought the Honest Ed’s print for my partner for christmas and he loved it so much. Thanks again Natalie :)
— Kayden
Natalie did a lovely job on a portrait of my fiance and I! She was friendly and professional throughout the whole process, and went out of her way to make sure I was happy with the piece. I look forward to working with her again.
— Melissa
Natalie was responsive, kind and very considerate in the whole process. She was determined to make sure I was pleased with the portrait of my husband and I. She is a true professional. We are so happy with the piece and it is worth every penny to commission a unique gift for a loved one. Highly recommend. 5 stars!
— Sheila
I’m so happy that I came across Natalie’s work thanks to the wonders of the internet, and decided to commission her to draw my partner and I. The process of engaging with her was straightforward and pleasant, and she was quick to incorporate my feedback as things progressed. I also purchased a print of her illustration of Bitondo’s Pizzeria - my partner’s favourite pizza joint. I ruled at Valentine’s Day this year! Thanks, Natalie.
— Amy
I would like to thank Natalie for the wonderful commission of my home. I happen to stumble on her website and I am so glad I did. She was very engaging through the process and brought out special qualities in my home that I did see. She was very professional and the process was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and relatives. Thank you Natalie for this special keepsake for my home.
— Richard
I commissioned a portrait of myself, my partner, and our three cats and Natalie did a perfect job on it! It’s amazing how she was able to embody all of us just from some photos. It was an anniversary gift to my partner and they loved it! Thank you for being so easy to work with and for giving us such a lovely keepsake.
— Stephanie

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