In May 2015, I co-created and illustrated all of Toronto Bingo, a creative illustration project that showcased Toronto’s idiosyncrasies through daily cartoons. The instagram page quickly gained a following of around 6000 people and we built a community based on celebrating the things that make this city wonderful and lovingly poking fun of Toronto's special quirks.

We organized the Toronto Bingo Scavenger Hunt in May of 2016, in which people signed up in teams to participate in a photo scavenger hunt of various things around the city. We partnered with many local businesses to supply prizes for the winners of the scavenger hunt and we were able to raise $1500, all of which we donated to the Regent Park School of Music (which sent three kids to music school!)

Check out the entire Toronto Bingo instagram page and scroll through over 300 cartoons illustrating what there is to love about Toronto.